Diwine® Thiol

Diwine® Thiol

Diwine® Thiol //

Fining agents for musts


DIWINE® THIOL is an original and innovative vinification aid that comes in the form of a light-coloured powder. Its ability to bind heavy metals and release reducing compounds enables it to preserve the volatile thiols in grape varieties rich in these aromatic precursors.

Application fields
  • DIWINE® THIOL is recommended for the vinification of grape varieties rich in precursors of volatile thiols, for the production of white, rosé and red wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, Petit Manseng, Merlot, Syrah, etc.
  • DIWINE® THIOL is used on must just before addition of yeast.
  • To promote the production of thiols in wines, it is recommended to use the yeast SELECTYS® L'ECLATANTE and an organic nutrient such as VIVACTIV® ARÔME in combination with DIWINE® THIOL.
Application rate: 
30 g/hL to 70 g/hL
1kg and 5 kg

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