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Noquercus Douceur

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NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR is a complex of ellagitannins and condensed tannins as well as specific inactivated yeasts specially formulated to meet the requirements of winemakers.
NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR allows early, rapid rectification of modern white and rosé wines with a desired aromatic profile of volume, fatness and aromatic freshness. The active ingredients in NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR are more rapidly available than those in fresh wood. Moreover, NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR is easier to use and leaves no residues after use.

Application fields
  • For use with red, white and rosé wines.
  • NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR is used during alcoholic fermentation. Use as early as possible after yeast inoculation so as to maximise the effectiveness of the ingredients in NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR.
Application rate: 
For red wine : 0,15 à 0,50 g/L - For white wine : 0,05 à 0,20 g/L
500 g and 5 kg

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