Phylia® CYS

Phylia® CYS

Phylia® CYS //

Yeast derivatives


PHYLIA® CYS is an association of specific inactive yeasts (rich in amino acids in small reducing peptides) and selected microcrystallin cellulose.

Due to its high antioxidant capacity, when added before the start of alcoholic fermentation, PHYLIA® CYS effectively protects aromas against oxidation.

PHYLIA® CYS likewise prevents the premature.


Application fields
  • Vinification of white and rosé wines
  • Highly recommended with higher risks of oxidation: presence of laccase, low SO2 efficiency, low antioxidative protection, significant exposure to air, etc...
  • Add prior to the ageing of white wines to limit the evolution of aromas and loss of freshness
Application rate: 
15 to 30 g/hL
1 kg

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