Diwine® SR

Diwine® SR

Diwine® SR //

Fining agents for musts


DIWINE® SR is an innovative vinification aid specially designed for the production of rosé wines. This formulation can be used to avoid oxidation processes that are highly detrimental to rosé wines, thus enabling them to preserve fresh aromas and a desirable colour. Moreover, DIWINE® SR plays a role in protein stabilisation of rosé wines.

Application fields
  • DIWINE® SR is recommended for the vinification of rosé wines with expressive aromas or that are sensitive to oxidation.
  • DIWINE® SR is used on rosé must after racking and just before addition of yeast.
  • To promote the production of aromatic rosé wines, yeast inoculation with SELECTYS® SR and the use of an organic nutrient such as VIVACTIV® ARÔME is recommended in combination with DIWINE® SR.
Dose d'emploi : 
20 to 100 g/hL
Conditionnement : 
1kg and 5 kg

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