Fining agents for musts


OENOCLAR is a preparation additive for musts and wine which associates gelatin, PVPP and fish fining agents. It is ideal for fining white and rosé musts derived from botrytized grapes, harvests done by machine, and musts from pruning or pressing rich in polyphenols. OENOCLAR is likewise very efficient by floating.


Application fields
  • Static clarification (settling) : OENOCLAR is normally added to musts but can also be used with wines. Prior addition of OENOGEL 30 (silica sol) or tannins improves the fining quality and prevents over-fining. OENOCLAR can also be used with FORMULE 1-CF as the two products are complementary.
  • Flotation : OENOCLAR is easy to apply and particularly efficient with small amounts of polyphenols; it is used for the clarification of white musts by flotation.
Dose d'emploi : 
5 to 20 cL/hL
Conditionnement : 
5, 10 and 20 L.

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