Équation 2G / 5G

Équation 2G / 5G




Used for sulphur additions of musts and wine, the effervescent granules of potassium metabisulphite, EQUATION 2G or 5G provide respectively 2 or 5 g of pure SO2.

Application fields

EQUATION sachets contain pre-adjusted SO2 quantities and are ready to use.

EQUATION 2G liberates 2 g of SO2 per sachet. Adapted more specifically to restoring the balance of SO2 during ageing, in barrels or in tanks. EQUATION 5 G liberates 5 g of SO2 per sachet.

Conceived for the protection of must or directly in the harvesting bins or mechanical harvester. Also used during white wine pressing, or transporting of wines.

Application rate: 
based on the desired dose of SO2 (see technical data sheet)
EQUATION 2G, 40 sachets; EQUATION 5G, 25 sachets

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