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PERFECTA is the result of precise research aimed at selecting the right combination of a specific bentonite and hydroxylated silicon dioxide to stabilise wines while respecting their aromatic and organoleptic profile.

PERFECTA is a bentonite that can be used during the alcoholic fermentation stage. It promotes protein stabilisation while helping to settle the lees at the end of fermentation.

PERFECTA enables fast and effective clarification with excellent sedimentation, while minimising wine losses.

PERFECTA is the precise answer when a deproteinising and settling effect is required.

Application fields
• Protein stabilisation with low organoleptic impact.
• Can safely be used during the fermentation stage.
• Improved settling of the fermentation lees.
• Easy to dissolve in water.
• Improves the wine's clarity.
• Improves the sedimentation process and the recovery of liquids.
Dose d'emploi : 
The dose varies according to the stability test.
Conditionnement : 
1kg and 10 kg

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