Oenotannin VB 105

Oenotannin VB 105

Oenotannin VB 105 //



OENOTANNIN VB 105 is an extracted tannin from staves used for the elaboration of oak barrels. Rich in ellagitannins, OENOTANNIN VB 105 is the perfect aging auxiliary to stabilize the colloidal matter and highlight structure of wines.


Application fields
  • During the aging for white, red and rosé wines.
  • Favours the slow and controlled oxidation of tannins and other wine compounds.
  • Contributes to stabilize the colour matter through co-pigmentation.
  • Structures wines.
Dose d'emploi : 
2 to 20 g/hL
Conditionnement : 
500 g

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