Oenotannin Velvet

Oenotannin Velvet

Oenotannin Velvet //



This extract is purified with micro-granule chestnut tannins and is used during wine making. It is very reactive with proteins and has an antioxidant role. Added to the must and the wine prior to fining, OENOTANNIN MIXTE MG improves the fining process while avoiding the thinning of the wine.

Application fields
  • For the ageing of white, red and rosé wines
  • Compensates for deficiencies with structure, volume and suppleness
  • Strengthens the aging potential
  • Stabilizes the colouring compounds of the wine because of its reactivity with wine polyphenols
  • Protects wines from oxidation
Application rate: 
5 to 20 g/hL
500 g

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