Genesis Fresh

Genesis Fresh


Yeast derivatives


Oenofrance® worked over 10 years with professeur Michel Feuillat and his team from Université Jules Guyot (Dijon) over the yeast products and their multiple potential applications in winemaking. Our knowledge of these yeast products grew as years went by. The fruit of this knowledge is the GENESIS line of products which is centered around the various identified and controlled properties of those yeast products.
The acquired knowledge opens today to innovative product, GENESIS FRESH, a fermentation complement allying inerted yeast with cellulose. The selected strain and the production process allowed us to increase the amount of polysaccharides and of peptides, particularly glutathione, an oligopeptid with reductive properties.
Made available, those peptides prevent the browning of the white and rose wines while maintaining the freshness of the aromas, specially the volatiles thiols that are most sensitive to oxidation.

Application fields
  • On must before yeasting
Dose d'emploi : 
25 to 40 g/hL
Conditionnement : 
1 kg

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