Phylia® Icone

Phylia® Icone


Yeast derivatives


Mannoproteins represent approximately 35% of the polysaccharides in wine. These macromolecules belong to the polysaccharide family. They are glycoproteins whose composition can vary from 70 to 90% polysaccharide structure of mannose plus 10 to 20% protein structure and 10% glucose.

This variability gives this family a great diversity of composition and molecular organisation.

PHYLIA® ICÔNE is a preparation composed of pure mannoproteins from S. Cerevisiae cell walls.

PHYLIA® ICÔNE is a soluble product, which allows it to be used in wines just before the bottling stage.

Application fields

PHYLIA® ICÔNE est utilisé sur les vins blancs, rosés, rouges et effervescents.

PHYLIA® ICÔNE est ajouté au vin juste avant la mise en bouteille.

Application rate: 
0,5 to 5 g/hL.
250 g jar.

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