Phylia® LF

Phylia® LF

Phylia® LF //

Yeast derivatives


PHYLIA® LF yeast hulls that slowly release mannoproteins and polysaccharides into the wine thanks to a specific production method, thus enabling PHYLIA® LFto buffer the redox potential of the wine. Thus, PHYLIA® LFprotects the wines against risks of reduction or oxidation. PHYLIA® LF has the same protection abilities that natural wine lees without the potential risk of mercaptan production or microbiological problems.

Application fields
  • End of vinification or beginning of ageing of red, white and rosé wines
  • During ageing, with or without natural lees
  • Fining to correct reduction or oxidation notes
Application rate: 
10 to 30 g/hL
500 g

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