Selectys® La Marquise

Selectys® La Marquise

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SELECTYS® LA MARQUISE is S. Cerevisiae galactose yeast selected for its great qualities in the production of still wines. It has very good implantation capacity and good fermentation speed, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the AF even when there is heavy contamination (high pH, deficient health conditions, etc.). It is resistant to high alcohol content (15.5%) and to difficult conditions (low temperature, overclarified must, etc.), and can be used to obtain great wines, both red and white.

Application fields
  • Elaboration of sparkling wines according to the traditional , ancestral or Charmat methods: to carry out alcoholic and bottle fermentations
  • Elaboration of still white, red and rosé wines that respect the characteristics of the grape
  • Elaboration of still white, red and rosé wines under difficult conditions (low temperature, highly clarified musts, very mature grapes)
  • Elaboration of a yeast starter to restart a stuck alcoholic fermentation

This product can be added directly without requiring prior rehydration: it is DROP&GO !

Application rate: 
20 g/hL
500 g and 10kg

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