Oenotannin Perfect

Oenotannin Perfect

Oenotannin Perfect //



OENOTANNIN PERFECT is a grape seed extract made up of tannins with a low degree of polymerization, which is very reactive to wine tannins. This responsiveness enables initiating polymerizations in wine and stabilizes color in the long term. Its strong anti-radical activity limits oxidation and protects color.

Application fields
  • For the running off and the end of alcoholic fermentation
  • Removes harshness of wine because it reacts with wine polyphenols (tannin polymerization, tannin-anthocyanin complexing…
  • Stabilizes the coloring compounds of the wine
  • Protects wine from oxidation
  • Has a high antiradical activity
  • High active tannic fraction
Application rate: 
5 to 20 g/hL
500 g