Nutriment S

Nutriment S




In order to grow, micro-organisms need nutrients (water and carbon provided mainly by sugars, amino acids and certain minerals), growth factors, especially for vitamin yeasts (thiamine, biotin, pantothenic acid, etc.), as well as specific physico-chemical conditions (temperature, pH, aeration).

In all cases, NUTRIMENT S enhances the fermentability of musts
Application fields
Alcoholic fermentation is faster and more complete with NUTRIMENT S, and is accompanied by a lower production of volatile acidity.

In the case of spoiled harvests:
Rapid fermentation enables faster separation of the juice from the stalks, minimising the risk of oxidation and maximising amounts of aromatic substances.
• To resume fermentation:
In the event of sluggish or stuck fermentation, the addition of NUTRIMENT S with finishing yeasts is highly recommended
Application rate: 
Maximum authorised dose: 17 g/hL
1kg, 5kg