Vivactiv® 100

Vivactiv® 100

Vivactiv® 100 //


Some vintages (water stress, etc) and terroirs (naturally stressed plots, grass-covered vineyards, etc) can lead to musts deficient in available nitrogen. This deficiency frequently causes fermentation problems or anomalous flavours. Thanks to its composition rich in DAP, VIVACTIV 100 provides an effective supplement to must.

VIVACTIV® 100 is a complete activator which also contains thiamine (growth factor for cell multiplication) as well as cellulose, which promotes release of CO2, thus enhancing the fermentability of the must.
The presence of inactivated yeasts provides input of organic nutrients, leading to the presence of peptides and survival factors such as sterols and long-chain fatty acids.
Application fields
For use on must during yeast inoculation and and midway through alcoholic fermentation.
Application rate: 
20 to 60g/hL
1, 5 and 25 kg