Nutriment P

Nutriment P



THIAMINE (VITAMIN B1) and AMMONIACAL NITROGEN exist in the harvest naturally. However, in the event of overripening and especially of attack by grey rot, their content can considerably decrease and become insufficient. As a result, yeasts suffer from nutritional deficiencies, and fermentation is therefore more difficult and slower.
With NUTRIMENT P, the simultaneous supply of THIAMINE and AMMONIACAL NITROGEN, directly assimilable by yeasts, facilitates their multiplication and maintains them in a satisfactory physiological state during fermentation.

NUTRIMENT P helps to facilitate control of fermentation and to improve the final quality of the wine.
For maximum efficiency, NUTRIMENT P should be added at the onset of yeast development (at the beginning of fermentation, at inoculation, on a refermentation starter).
Application fields
  • Rapid initiation of fermentation
  • Better completion of fermentation and less risk of stuck fermentation.
  • Reduced production of volatile acidity and intermediate compounds that strongly bind SO2 (ethanal).  SO2 added subsequently is more effective at similar doses.
  • The aromatic qualities of the wine are better preserved.​
Application rate: 
Average dose: 30-50 g/hL
1kg, 5kg