Founded in 1943 by two men, M. Dardant and M. Tournel, Oenofrance
has occupied a central place in the history of oenology for the past 70 years.


  • We are present in the heart of the vineyardsof France and other countries.
  • Specific, customized oenological products that bear witness to our knowledge of the specific characteristics of each region and wine-making process.
  • Oenology consultants provide technical support and customized advice to every winegrower.


Oenofrance was the first company in France to offer a yeast specifically designed for the production of aromatic white wines. In 1981, Oenofrance used enzymatic hydrolysis to produce the first gelatins with proteins of controlled molecular weight. Similarly, Oenofrance developed freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria, and was at the cutting edge in the selection of enzymatic activities in oenology.

Very recently, we reaffirmed our forward-looking approach when we launched Phylia EPL R, the result of several years of research carried out in collaboration with Hochschule Geisenheim University, and which is a clear alternative to traditional fining agents of animal origin.

Our teams

Our teams are passionate about oenology. They comprise a diverse range of complementary profiles who are able to provide solutions in all areas of oenology, and adapt them to every vintage.

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