The selectys® programme

Ever since it was set up in 1943, OENOFRANCE has been selecting
yeasts and building up its own yeast collection. 

Ever since it was set up in 1943, OENOFRANCE has been selecting yeasts and building up its own yeast collection.

OENOFRANCE's Research and Development Department has put together the SELECTYS® programme. To better understand the wealth and variety of our terroirs and meet the needs of our customers, we carry out a microselection on the estate.

We then select the yeasts that are most capable of revealing the wines' personality, taking into account the biodiversity of the terroirs while managing fermentation risks.

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"The NEISSON rum distillery continues to further its policy of understanding terroirs and respecting the specific nature of its rums. They decided to undertake a study of the biodiversity of the yeasts naturally present in their plots. To this end, with help from the Délégation Régionale à la Recherche (Regional Research Office), they called on ŒNOFRANCE, a company specializing in the creation, production and sale of processing aids used in wine-making and in the production of fermented beverages in general. Since 2004, ŒNOFRANCE has offered its services to organizations that wish to select the yeasts present in their terroirs. This is how the project started in 2011."

For the discovery of a new yeast, the SELECTYS® programme is carried out over three years.

From tests to trials in the winery, every yeast is carefully monitored to ensure a high-quality selection.

First Year

Biodiversity study

During the first year, three to six promising yeasts are set aside.

Second year

- Technical assessment of dominant and novel yeasts.
- Organoleptic assessment of dominant and novel yeasts.

At the end of the second year, the yeasts of most interest are validated with regard to minivinification and organoleptic profile.

Third Year

- The yeast finally selected is placed in a collection.
- Winery trials of the selected yeast, in liquid or dry form.

At the end of the third year, the selected yeast can then be included in Oenofrance's SELECTYS® collection.

The culture of wine

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