Lysis® Filtrab

Lysis® Filtrab

Lysis® Filtrab //



LYSIS® FILTRAB is a specific liquid enzymatic preparation for the clarification and filtration of musts and wines. This enzyme regenerates filtration membranes quickly with no risk of alteration.

Application fields
  • At the end of alcoholic fermentation regardless of the vinification: prepares the wine for fining, starts ageing process, participates in its static clarification and improves filterability.
  • On finished wine before filtering and bottling: clearly improves filterability, increases filtration yields, optimizes consumption of filtration media (less  filtration sediment, increased membrane life span). Cleaning ultrafiltration  membranes (protocol upon request).
Application rate: 
3 to 5 mL/hL
1 and 10 L

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