Vivactiv® Premier

Vivactiv® Premier

Vivactiv® Premier //



VIVACTIV® PREMIER is a nutrient formulated based on thiamine and autolysates of yeasts rich in vitamins, amino acids and survival factors. Yeasts are capable of optimising their metabolism (multiplication, growth, protection against inhibitors) while ensuring alcoholic fermentation without any deviations, even under difficult conditions.

Application fields
  • With white, rosé or red musts
  • Add during yeast inoculation to control the AF under difficult conditions: presence of toxins, microbial contamination, high alcohol, fermentation at low temperature, nutrient deficiencies, low turbidity …
  • Add during yeast inoculation to limit organoleptic deviations (volatile acidity or H2S production, …)
  • Preparation of a yeast starter

This product can be added directly without requiring prior rehydration: it is DROP&GO !

Application rate: 
20 to 40 g/hL
1 and 10 kg

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