Oenotannin Fraîcheur

Oenotannin Fraîcheur

Oenotannin Fraîcheur //



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OENOTANNIN FRAÎCHEUR is a tannin complex specifically formulated to meet the needs of winemakers who wish to enhance and improve the aromatic characteristics of modern wines. Its complex formulation enables it to act on the redox potential of wines and thus limit the reaction to oxidation of wines obtained from sensitive grape varieties. OENOTANNIN FRAÎCHEUR may also be used for vintages characterised by increased sensitivity of wines to oxidation.
Application fields
OENOTANNIN FRAÎCHEUR should be used towards the end of the maturing process or when preparing wines for bottling. Suitable for all types of wines.
Application rate: 
1 to 5 g/hL
250 g

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