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Oenotannin Céleste

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OENOTANNIN CELESTE is a tannin complex specially formulated to meet the needs of winemakers who wish to correct a lack of structure in white and rosé wines without causing bitterness and hardness. Its complex formulation enables it to act on the wine's organoleptic balance and thus readjust the structure of dilute wines or wines judged to be thin in the mouth.
Application fields
OENOTANNIN CELESTE can be used in aging or several days before preparing wines for bottling. It can be used with all types of white and rosé wine.
Dose d'emploi : 
From 5 to 20 g/hL depending on the structure of the wine and the desired effect. It is strongly recommended to carry out a few trial runs in order to determine the optimum dosage.
Conditionnement : 

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