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Lysis® Ultra

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LYSIS® ULTRA is made up of very concentrated liquid enzymes in pectinase activity and in secondary cellulase and hemicellulase-type activities. This enzyme enables quickly lowering the viscosity and the turbidity of musts and works at low temperatures (<10°C) and at low pH levels (from 2.8). LYSIS® ULTRA can be used on difficult to clarify white musts, presenting a thick skin and low maturity. LYSIS® ULTRA is likewise recommended for flotation.

Application fields
  • Settling of difficult to clarify musts, with a thick skin and low maturity. Recommended particularly in northern vine growing areas such as the Loire Valley and Alsace
  • Flotation of white musts
Application rate: 
0.3 to 1 mL/hL
100 mL - 1L

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