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The presence and growth of Brettanomyces is still an area of concern in many production sites. Increased pH and reduced doses of SO2 cause them to multiply.
OENOVEGAN® MICRO makes it possible to curb their growth and decrease the population of Brettanomyces thanks to its specific formulation based on chitosan. Chitosan is a derivative of chitin contained in the cell walls of Aspergillus niger, and can be used to curb the growth of most spoilage micro-organisms in wines.
A fining agent with no derivatives of animal origin, it can be safely included in a vegan approach.
Application fields
OENOVEGAN® MICRO can be used on all types of wine. Because of its action on micro-organisms, it is essential to wait until the end of AF or LMF before using it.
In the event of it being used on a base wine before second fermentation, a period of 3 weeks before second fermentation should be allowed in order to ensure good growth of yeast.
Application rate: 
From 2 to 10 g/hL depending on microbiological risk.
500 g bags.

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