Phylia® LF

Phylia® LF

Phylia® LF //

Yeast derivatives


PHYLIA® LF is a preparation made of yeast hulls rich in mannoproteins and polysaccharides.

PHYLIA® LF regulates the reduction and oxidation steps the wine undergoes during the maturing process. The wine is thus protected from reducing derivatives (at the origin of the mercaptan content) or oxidative (possibly leading to ethanal).

Above and beyond natural and protected maturing, PHYLIA® LF is a qualitative tool for correcting reduction or oxidation.

Application fields
  • End of vinification or beginning of ageing of red, white and rosé wines
  • During ageing, with or without natural lees
  • Fining to correct reduction or oxidation notes
Application rate: 
10 to 30 g/hL
500 g

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