KYLMÄ® Intense

KYLMÄ® Intense



Dégustation Syrah primeur thermovinifié Languedoc - mise précoce
Dégustation Gamay macération traditionnelle Beaujolais - mise précoce
KYLMÄ® INTENSE is a 5% solution of potassium polyaspartate containing a set of polysaccharides. It provides a triple promise for the treatment of red wines: tartrate stabilisation, greatly improved stabilisation of colouring matter, and an organoleptic contribution to roundness, volume and fruitiness.
Application fields
KYLMÄ® INTENSE is recommended for use on red wines.
KYLMÄ® INTENSE does not stabilise calcium tartrate.
Like metatartaric acid and CMC, KYLMÄ® INTENSE can react with lysozyme.
Can be used on still white and rosé wines. In this case, wines must be protein stable.  Ask your oenologist for advice.

This product can be added directly without requiring prior rehydration: it is DROP&GO !

Application rate: 
Dosage: 10 to 20 cL/hL. Maximum legal dose according to current European regulations: 20 cL/hL
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