Gélatine N

Gélatine N

Gélatine N //

Fining agents for wines


GÉLATINE N is made by controlled hydrolysis of pig collagen. The hydrolysis gives GÉLATINE N high surface charges that promote thorough clarification and gentle action on tannins. Yellow, transparent or translucent solution with an odour of SO2.


Application fields
  • Fining: controlled hydrolysis allows GÉLATINE N to soften the tannins while preserving their structure: GÉLATINE N precipitates less tannins than COLLE H.
  • Flotation: GÉLATINE N is easy to apply and particularly efficient with small amounts of polyphenols; it is used for the clarification of white and rose musts by flotation. GÉLATINE N is also highly efficient for the clarification by flotation of red musts obtained from grapes which were thermovinified and pressed before fermentation.
Application rate: 
3 to 10 cL/hL
1, 5, 20 L / 1000 L

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