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KYOCELL is a cellulose gum (E466) used for stabilizing wine with regard to potassium bitartrate. KYOCELL is made from cellulose extracted from wood. Its main characteristics, viscosity, degree of polymerization and degree of substitution, are particularly adapted to oenology. KYOCELL can be found in granulate and liquid form.

Application fields

Kyocell is added:

  • during tirage or disgorging for sparkling wines
  • before bottling white wines, that have been previously stabilized with regards to protein casse. KYOCELL may be added before final filtration. Homogenization is essential in order to avoid fouling and to obtain the best possible protection from the cellulose gum. It is recommended to wait two days between the addition of Kyocell and final filtration.
  • before bottling rosé or red wines. It’s necessary to check before that this addition has no effect on wine colour.
  • do not use with a wine treated with lysozyme.


Application rate: 
8 to 40 cL/hL. Legal max : 40 cL/hL
5 Kg, 20 and 1000 L

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