Selectys® Italica CR1

Selectys® Italica CR1

Selectys® Italica CR1 //


The SELECTYS® ITALICA CR1 strain was isolated in 2008 in Italy on raisined red grapes of theCorvina variety originating from the best Valpolicella vineyards intended for production of
Amarone wine.
Because of its origin, SELECTYS® ITALICA CR1 has high osmotolerance (> 300 g/L of sugar), even if it is inoculated at a very low temperature, <10 °C.
Its fermentation is regular, with no production of foam.
Although nutritional requirements expressed as available nitrogen are low to moderate, we recommend using VIVACTIV PREMIER as appropriate nitrogen nutrition, especially if the potential
alcohol content is very high.
Application fields
SELECTYS® ITALICA CR1 is a highly vigorous strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (ex r.f bayanus) which guarantees a rapid start and complete fermentation even under very difficult conditions.
During the vinification test, the CR1 strain underwent multiple stress but, despite this, completed fermentation smoothly and with high quality organoleptic results.

This product can be added directly without requiring prior rehydration: it is DROP&GO !

Application rate: 
20 g/hL
500 g

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