Phylia® Exel US

Phylia® Exel US

Phylia® Exel US //

Yeast derivatives


PHYLIA® EXEL US from the association of mannoproteins and plant polysaccharides. The mannoprotein content of PHYLIA® EXEL US favors tartrate stability for white, rosés and red wines with medium-low instability (laboratory evaluation is recommended to determine the addition rates). PHYLIA® EXEL interacts strongly with the wine composition by decreasing the harshness and astringency of tannins in red wines as well as the sensation of acidity in white and rosé wines. The wines are silkier, their texture rounder, the aromas more complex (effect of mannoproteins). PHYLIA® EXEL efficiently refines wines just before bottling.


Application fields
  • Before bottling with white, rosé or red wines.
  • To improve the global colloidal stability of the wine, namely tartrate stability.
  • To enhance the flavor balance of wines: corrects high acidity, aggressive tannins or a lack of volume.
  • Underlines the freshness and fruitiness of wines, develops complex aromas.
Application rate: 
5 to 30 g/hL
1 kg

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