In keeping with Oenofrance's historical know-how in the production of rosé wines, KYLMÄ® SR is a solution specially dedicated to tartrate stabilisation of such wines. KYLMÄ® SR is made up of a 5% solution of potassium polyaspartate with a carefully selected balance of plant polysaccharides.
It provides effective treatment whatever the levels of instability, thus allowing early bottling while at the same time enhancing the wine’s organoleptic potential.
Application fields
KYLMÄ® SR is recommended for application on still rosé and white wines, whatever their level of instability.
KYLMÄ® SR does not stabilise calcium tartrate.
Like metatartaric acid and CMC, KYLMÄ® SR can react with lysozyme. Wines must be protein stable.
Can be used on still red wines. However, for the latter we recommend the use of KYLMÄ® INTENSE.
Ask your oenologist for advice.

This product can be added directly without requiring prior rehydration: it is DROP&GO !

Application rate: 
10 to 20 cL/hL
5L / 20L

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